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Ward Refurbishment

Using the correct materials and offering a bespoke service to the health care industry is something that we are very accustomed to. We also know that working in a hospital environment requires particular attention to cleanliness and tidiness. Our team possess all the skills and knowledge to offer everything that you would expect from a leading Facilities Management Services company.

24 Hour Emergency Hot-line

Available to all our clients through our emergency hot-line on 02476 993199

Corridor renovation

Using materials that are easily kept clean, highly durable and cost effective is an area that we are very accustomed to.

Waiting rooms

With relaxing colours, comfortable seating and all within a budget, a waiting room can transform the experience for anxious patients. We'll present you with a choice of ideas for colour schemes and finishing materials.

Care homes

Working amongst staff and residents of an active care home comes with its challenges, but these are challenges with which we are very accustomed to. We are highly confident that our team will provide you with the highest level of service and consideration for the situation they are working in.

Specialist Flooring

Hard wearing industrial vinyls, carpet, carpet tiles, wood, concrete and just about all possibilities are within our scope. Please get in touch with us to discuss the best solution for your flooring.

Wall Coverings

Generally, the emphasis is on surfaces being washable and durable, but there are numerous options, all of which have their own particular niche.

Hygienic Solutions

FMSUK-GROUP can supply disposable cubicle curtains, hand gel dispensers and many other health care hygiene solutions..

Hospitals: Wards - Corridors - Reception - Waiting Rooms

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